Vous trouverez sur ce site la plupart des projets qui remplissent ma vie depuis que je « réalise », autrement dit, depuis que je donne une réalité à mes idées.

Photo series

Collections of images

A view from my window

The first 4 images are Polaroids taken from my bedroom window when I was still living at my parents’ place, in an area of Rennes. I can’t remember the dates (I can’t believe I was patient enough to wait the passing of the 4 seasons).

vue de ma fenêtre 1
vue de ma fenêtre 2
vue de ma fenêtre 3
vue de ma fenêtre 4

I didn’t remember this first series before tidying all my work at the end of 2017.

The view I had from the 6th floor of Piat Street in Paris was beautiful. I don’t think I will be able to find such a nice one in my future apartments. I couldn’t do anything but photographing the sky above the roofs.

In the flat where I now live, I keep on photographing the celestial sceneries from my windows.

Are the skies of the seaside more beautiful? Can you die from it ?

vue de ma fenêtre 5
vue de ma fenêtre 6
vue de ma fenêtre 7
vue de ma fenêtre 8
vue de ma fenêtre 9
vue de ma fenêtre 10
vue de ma fenêtre 11
vue de ma fenêtre 12

Writing with the moon

I managed to draw an almost square, and almost circle and an almost Cécile. I could have kept on training but doing so, by only using end of photographic films, I would have had to keep on doing silver photography.

un rond avec la lune en photo
un carré avec la lune en photo
"Cécile" avec la lune en photo

How to read without carrying the book ?

I wanted to create an object to read in bed without having to carry the book (so heavy sometimes). I didn’t go far into my form research. Later, when the idea came back to my mind, I found many models on internet! This collection made me laugh a lot. I bought a pack of glasses as a Christmas present for my sister : it’s such an ingenious product! I don’t think she uses them more than I do (that is to say never, even if it works).

comment lire au lit 1
comment lire au lit 2
comment lire au lit 3
comment lire au lit 4
comment lire au lit 5

The shapes appearing in the typographic empty spaces

I could have added the images of the mistakes found in the book pages, that is to say, the spelling mistakes or the printing mistakes. But I will only concentrate and content myself with the shapes that appear between those lines. That is the beginning of a new collection. Feel free to contribute.

espace typographique : le v
espace typographique : le v mis en valeur
espace typographique : le baton
espace typographique : le baton mis en valeur
The shapes appearing in the typographic
The shapes appearing in the typographic
The shapes appearing in the typographic
The shapes appearing in the typographic
The shapes appearing in the typographic
The shapes appearing in the typographic