Vous trouverez sur ce site la plupart des projets qui remplissent ma vie depuis que je « réalise », autrement dit, depuis que je donne une réalité à mes idées.

The scar pillow

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The scar pillow

A pillow that imprints pirate scars while you are sleeping !

I think this idea came to my mind when one of my pillowcases was torn up. I also noticed that the cheeks  get more marks from the pillow wrinkles during the afternoon nap rather than at night (although it lasts longer). As I could not explain why this happened, I decided to solve this issue by generating these beautiful scars, day or night. This product has never been created. There is only one copy. I am no Penelope, I don't feel like mass embroidering pillows. But I am ready to sell the right to produce this Scar Pillow (or Pirate pillow).

oreiller-cicatrice, vue 1
oreiller-cicatrice, vue 2
oreiller-cicatrice, vue 3
oreiller-cicatrice, vue 4