Vous trouverez sur ce site la plupart des projets qui remplissent ma vie depuis que je « réalise », autrement dit, depuis que je donne une réalité à mes idées.


The cooking rescue kit

This video was made to launch my Ulule campaign.

I wanted to try the crowdfunding experience once. I really enjoyed it. I found the motivation to do something I usually loath : communication. However, I didn't manage to reach the €3,600 goal to publish 250 copies of my project. So I lost everything.

But still, I won.

I found a printer specialised in board games who managed to make 100 2-compartment boxes with 100 copies of the recipe-cards.

The booklet was initially supposed to be the same size as the box, but it was downsized in order to fit in one of the two compartments. I was able to create 100 copies myself, thanks to my binding machine, the same I used to self-publish A strong need to visit Paris’ toilet.

 And that is how 100 Cooking Rescue Kits were created.

examples of dishes
card 33
the parts of the kit
the project logo

In order to find a solution to my inability to cook, I asked all my friends, my family and my colleagues to give me their easy-to-make recipes. I asked mostly for recipes with vegetables that I could write in 5 sentences maximum.

Since they were short, I was able to write them on game cards to draw lots so that I wasn't the one in charge of choosing the recipe.

I tested over 200 recipes during 5 years and kept 97.

65 are main courses and 32 are bonus dishes to create full meals whenever guests are invited (apetizers, starter, desserts...)

And that is how I overcame!

I wanted to share this fun method with whoever needed it.

Among the 100 copies made, 50 will be sold from hand to hand. 30 copies will be sold in a bookshop since I want my project find its audience, and who knows, that's how the self-published version of Where to pee in Paris? found its publisher.

The 20 remaining copies were gifted to my sisters, my daughters, my parents and to the people who helped me.

The Cooking Rescue Kit costs €18.

With every project I make, I learn new things.

Thanks to this one, I learnt how to create GIF.

an animated gif
several kits

You can buy the Cooking Rescue Kits there:

Librairie de l'Atelier
3 rue Constant Berthaut
75020 Paris

Tel: 01 46 36 62 77


Le Monte-en-l'air
2 rue de la Mare
75020 paris

Tél : 01 40 33 04 54