Vous trouverez sur ce site la plupart des projets qui remplissent ma vie depuis que je « réalise », autrement dit, depuis que je donne une réalité à mes idées.

Dancing Sport

C'est la pochette du disque dépliée des "incontournables du Dancing-Sport" avec les 20 titres les plus dansants. Le logo représente un bonhomme les bras en l'air sur le fond d'un rond bleu comme un panneau de signalisation. Il est noté en dessous : "Obligation de danser librement" sur le site de cécile briand

Dancing Sport

It was my dream sport, an activity I could do all my life without getting bored. As I didn’t find an equivalent to it in Paris, I decided to start it in September 2015.

For 2 years, I danced and made people dance, those who joined the Dancing Sport, at Espace Jemmapes on Friday evenings, from 7:30 to 8:30. The manager of the place, Eric Fusberg, welcomed me with open arms; since he had been thinking about this activity for a long time, he was expecting me.

The video of the Dancing Sport was made long before the first session, in anticipation to the project. I always used it as an ad.

What is a Dancing Sport Session ?

The session would begin with a 10-minute warm-up, with many moves coming from my 10 years of judo practice (when I was 8 to 18 years old). After these first moves, we all were ready to dance like crazy. I prepared a 36-minute mixtape, each time different. The rhythm grew faster and faster during the first 4 tracks, then a calmer song would slower the body before going crescendo until the 12th or 13th track. I often played a joke song such as Benny Hill’s race; it was my favorite (and it was quite efficient, actually).

I think that I spent a whole year finding the 400 super-dancing songs (on CDs) in the city media-libraries. It took me even 5 times longer to create the mixes than to dance on all of them. The 1st year, I chose « One Step Beyond » by the Madness to open the sessions. The second year, I chose Stromae’s « Alors on danse ». The first year James Brown’s « I feel good » was the signal for the penultimate song  (then you had to give it all!). The second year it was « Think » by the Blues Brothers. I chose hits, songs everyone knew (almost everyone), to be sure it would make people dance during the short sessions. When the mixtape was really good, the dancers would applaud at the end.

Then would come 8-minute long stretching exercises. We went out of the room with red faces and drenched t-shirts. Often, I would go working in a bar afterwards. With sheets of paper, a pen and a glass of red wine on my table, I would think fast, tired in a good way and my brains were oxygenated.

The end of the Dancing-Sport

At least 80 people took part to one of the 71 Dancing-Sport sessions. (There was this « Kids friendly » session at Le Regard du Cygne studio where over 30 people joined). But after two years, I didn’t want to book all my Friday evenings. Also, in spite of my efforts to promote it, people didn’t sleep in tents in front of Le Centre Jemmapes to register at dawn on the second year. I still don’t understand why I didn’t meet more people who were interested by this cathartic and energetic activity. I then stopped. I decided I had enough.

There was this ultimate session, on November 9th, 2018 at Le Théâtre de Verre. It was supposed to be the first one of a monthly gathering. This was the session that opened my eyes on the incompatibility between this activity and the weakness of my back. I didn’t want to see the Dancing-Sport as the cause for my back pain, I didn’t want to stop dancing, and yet I was transformed several times into an old rusty grandma.

The final end of the Dancing-Sport was then announced on its Facebook page, that witnessed this adventure from its beginning to its end.

My mixtapes to dance like crazy

I wanted to put the mix that proved efficient during the Dancing-Sport sessions. Even if I am not able to dance that much, I want other to have fun. There are 16. They are all 36-minutes long. You can listen to them here. They are on Mixcloud.

The 400 songs of the Dancing sport

  1.    2 be 3                         partir un jour
  2.    2 unlimited                 no limit
  3.    740 boyz                    shimmy shake
  4.    abba                            dancing queen
  5.    abba                            gimme! gimme! Gimme!
  6.    adriano celentano       svalutation
  7.    a-ha                            take on me
  8.    alpha blondy              sweet fanta diallo
  9.    ami stewart                 knock on wood
  10.    amicalement votre (bo) john berry       amicalement votre
  11.    amy winehouse          rehab
  12.    anarchic system          pop corn
  13.    anita war                    dring my bell
  14.    annie cordy                chokakao
  15.    archies (the)                sugar sugar
  16.    aretha franklin                        respect
  17.    arnold turboust & zabou          adelaide
  18.    aron chupa                  i'm an albatroz
  19.    au p'tit bonheur          j'veux du soleil
  20.    axel bauer                   cargo de nuit
  21.    b 52's                          love shack
  22.    b 52's                          rock lobster
  23.    b 52's                          planet claire
  24.    baha men                    who let the dogs out
  25.    balavoine (daniel)       le chanteur
  26.    bande à basile (la)      la chenille
  27.    bandolero                   paris latino
  28.    bangles (the)               walk like an egyptian
  29.    barry white                 you're the first, the last, my everything
  30.    be12                           la foule - edith piaf - remix
  31.    beach boys (the)         i get around
  32.    beatles (the)                twist and shout
  33.    beatles (the)                she loves you
  34.    beck                            sexx laws
  35.    bee gees                      staying alive
  36.    belle stars                   iko iko
  37.    benny b                      vous êtes fou !
  38.    benny benassi             satisfaction
  39.    benny hill (la course)  benny hill (la course)
  40.    besh o drom (hungarian gypsies)       cigansko oro
  41.    bezu                            la queuleuleu
  42.    bezu                            la danse des canards
  43.    big soul                       le brio (branchez la guitare)
  44.    bill haley and his comets        rock around the clock
  45.    billy joel                     uptown girl
  46.    billy ze kick                mangez-moi! mangez-moi!
  47.    bingo players              rattle
  48.    black box                    ride on time
  49.    black eyes peas (the)      the time (dirty bit)
  50.    black eyes peas (the)      pulp fictionpump it
  51.    black keys (the)          lonely boy
  52.    bloc party                   banquet
  53.    blondie                       call me
  54.    blondie                       heart of glass
  55.   blondie                       atomic
  56.    blues brothers (bo) aretha franklin     think
  57.    blues brothers (the)    shake your tailfeather
  58.    blues brothers (the)    everybody needs somebody to love
  59.    blur                             song 2
  60.    bob marley                 could you be love
  61.    bob marley                 i wanna love her - is this love
  62.    bob marley                 get up stand up
  63.    bob marley (and the wailers)             jamming
  64.    bob sinclar                  rock this party (everybody dance now)
  65.    boney m                     daddy cool
  66.    boney m                     rasputin
  67.    boney m                     river of babylone
  68.    boney m                     gotta go home
  69.    boney m                     ma baker
  70.    booming people          chihuahua
  71.    boys town gang          can't take my eyes off you
  72.    bratisla boys               stach stach
  73.    breeders (the)             cannonball
  74.    brigitte bardot                        harley davidson
  75.    brigitte bardot                        tu veux ou tu veux pas
  76.    buraka som sistema    stoopid
  77.    buscemi vs koçani orkestar    alone at my wedding
  78.    butterfly ball (the)      love is all
  79.    c2c ft. D. Martin        happy
  80.    calvin harris                feel so close
  81.    capitaine flam             générique
  82.    caravan palace            jolie coquine
  83.    cardigans (the)           my favorite game
  84.    carl douglas                kung-fu fighting
  85.    carlos                          rosalie
  86.    carlos santana             oyé como va
  87.    carrapicho                   tic tic tac
  88.    cee lo green                forget you
  89.    chamfort (alain)          rendez-vous...
  90.    chamfort (alain)          manureva
  91.    charles telmaque – serie         séquence du spectateur
  92.    chemical brothers (the)          hey boy hey girl
  93.    chico buarque             essa moça ta diferente
  94.    chris montez               let's dance
  95.    chubby checker          let's twist again
  96.    chuk berry                  you never can tell
  97.    clash (the)                   london calling
  98.    clash (the)                   should i stay or should i go
  99.    claude françois           cette année-là
  100.    claude françois           magnolia
  101.    claude françois           alexandrie
  102.    claude françois           je vais à rio
  103.    communards (the)      don't leave me this way
  104.    compagnie créole (la)             le bal masqué
  105.    compagnie créole (la)             vive le douanier rousseau
  106.    compagnie créole (la)             c'est bon pour le moral
  107.    compagnie créole (la)             ça fait rire les oiseaux
  108.    compagnie créole (la)             ba moin en ti bo
  109.    contours (the)                         dirty dancingdo you love me
  110.    corona                         this is the rythm of te night
  111.    crystal waters             gipsy woman (la da dee la da da)
  112.    culture club                 do you really want to hurt me
  113.    culture club                 karma chameleon
  114.    cure (the)                    why can i be you
  115.    cure (the)                    boy don't cry
  116.    cure (the)                    the love cats
  117.    cyndi lauper                girls just want to have fun
  118.    daft punk                    get lucky
  119.    dalida                         itsi bitsi petit bikini
  120.    dalida et les fêtards    darla dirladada
  121.    daniela mercury          rapunzel
  122.    dany brillant               suzette
  123.    dario moreno              brigitte bardot
  124.    dario moreno              si tu vas à rio
  125.    dave                            vanina
  126.    david bowie               modern love
  127.    david lee roth             just a gigolo
  128.    david martial              célimène
  129.    début de soirée           nuit de folie
  130.    dee dee sharp             the loco-motion
  131.    deee-lite                      groove is in the heart
  132.    demoiselles de rochefort (les) – demy           chanson des jumelles
  133.    démons de minuit (les)           images
  134.    desaparecidos vs walter master j       ibiza
  135.    desireless                    voyage, voyage
  136.    diana ross                   upside down
  137.    dire straits                   walk of life
  138.    discobitch & k. mash & l. Konrad     c'est beau la bourgeoisie
  139.    donna summer            i feel love
  140.    donna summer            hot stuff
  141.    doop                           doop
  142.    doors (the)                  break on through
  143.    dubioza Kolektiv feat la pegatina      hay libertad
  144.    dubioza koleltiv          no escape (from balkan)
  145.    duck sauce                  it's you
  146.    duck sauce                  barbra streisand
  147.    dutronc (jacques)        fais pas ci, fais pas ça
  148.    earth wind & fire        fantasy
  149.    earth wind & fire        boogie wonderland
  150.    earth wind & fire        september
  151.    edwyn collins             a girl like you
  152.    elli medeirosa             bailar calypso
  153.    elli medeiros               toit toi mon toi
  154.    elton john                   i'm still standing
  155.    elvis presley                hound dog
  156.    elvis presley                jailhouse rock
  157.    enrico macias              le mendiant de l'amour (live)
  158.    eric charden                l'été s'ra chaud
  159.    etienne daho               tombé pour la France
  160.    eurythmics                  sweet dream
  161.    eva simons feat. Konshens     policeman
  162.    exciters (the)               tell him
  163.    fatal bazooka              fous ta cagoule
  164.    fatboy slim                 rockafeller shank
  165.    fatboy slim                 right here, right now
  166.    femme (la)                  sur la planche 2013
  167.    feu ! Chatterton          la malinche
  168.    four tops                     reach out i'll be there
  169.    france gall                   laisse tomber les filles
  170.    france gall                   poupée de cire poupée de son
  171.    françois de roubaix – série     chapi chapo
  172.    franz ferdinand          take me out
  173.    frehel                          la java bleue
  174.    gala                             freed from desire
  175.    gang of four               damaged good
  176.    garcia (los)                  la colegiala
  177.    garçons bouchers (les)            la lambada on n'aime pas ça
  178.    george benson            give me the night
  179.    george michael           faith
  180.    georgie fame               yeh yeh
  181.    gilbert montagné        les sunlights des tropiques
  182.    gilbert montagné        on va s'aimer
  183.    gloria estefan              conga
  184.    gloria gaynor              i will survive
  185.    gnarls barkley             going on
  186.    goran bregovic            gas gas gas
  187.    goran bregovic (underground)           kalasnjikov
  188.    goran bregovic (underground)           mesecina - moonlight
  189.    goran bregovic (underground)           ya ya - ringe ringe raja
  190.    gossip                         heavy cross
  191.    gotainer (richard)        poil au tableau
  192.    gotainer (richard)        le sampa
  193.    gotainer (richard)        infinitif
  194.    grease (BO)                you're the one i want
  195.    grease (BO)                summer nights
  196.    helmut fritz                 ça m'énerve
  197.    hermes house band     i will survive (autre version)
  198.    hollysiz                       come back to me
  199.    house of pain              jump around
  200.    indeep                         last night a dj save my life
  201.    indochine                    l'aventurier
  202.    ini kamoze                  here comes the hotstepper
  203.    issam houshan            shimmabulous
  204.    jacksons (the)             blame it on the boogie
  205.    jacksons 5                   i want you back
  206.    jacksons 5 (the)          abc
  207.    james brown               i feel good
  208.    jeanette                       porque te vas
  209.    jean-jacques goldman             elle a fait un bébé toute seule
  210.    jean-pierre mader        macumba
  211.    jermaine jackson & pia zadora           when the rain begins to fall
  212.    jesse garon                  c'est lundi
  213.    jimmy somerville        never can say goodbye
  214.    joe dassin                    l'amérique
  215.    joe dassin                    les dalton
  216.    joe dassin                    siffler sur la colline
  217.    josh wink aka winx    don't laugh
  218.    julie pietri                   eve lève toi
  219.    julien clerc                  laissons entrer le soleil
  220.    junior senior                move your feet
  221.    kaipi                            samba de janeiro
  222.    kassav                         syé bwa
  223.    kazero                         thaï na na
  224.    kc & the sunshine band          that's the way i like it
  225.    ketchup song (the)      asereje
  226.    kevin rowland & dexys midnight aunners    come on eileen
  227.    khaled                         didi
  228.    kid cudi vs crookers               day n nite
  229.    kim wilde                   kids in america
  230.    kiss                             i was made for lovin'you
  231.    kris kross                    jump
  232.    kylie minogue             can't get you out of my head
  233.    la bande à charly        le travail c'est la santé
  234.    la petite maison dans la prairie           la petite maison dans la prairie
  235.    lagaf'bo                       le lavabo
  236.    laroche valmont          t'as le look coco
  237.    lenny kravitz               are you gonna go my way
  238.    les forbans                  chante
  239.    lilly wood & the prick            prayer in c
  240.    lio                               banana split
  241.    little richard                tutti frutti
  242.    lmfao                          sexy and i know it
  243.    lmfao ft. Lauren bennett, goonrock   party rock anthem
  244.    lou bega                      mambo n°5
  245.    louise attaque             j't'emmène au vent
  246.    louise attaque             les nuits parisiennes
  247.    luis mariano                mexico
  248.    lumidee feat. Fatman scoop   dance !
  249.    luna parker                  tes états d'âme eric
  250.    macklemore & ryan lewis       can't hold us
  251.    macklemore & ryan lewis  thrift shop
  252.    madcon                       beggin'
  253.    madcon feat. Ray dalton       don't worry
  254.    madness                      one step beyond
  255.    madness                      night boat to cairo
  256.    madness                      our house
  257.    magic system feat. Chawki    magic in the air
  258.    maitre gims                 sapés comme jamais
  259.    major laser                  watch out for this
  260.    major look                  too late
  261.    makasi                        1er gaou
  262.    mano negra                 mala vida
  263.    mano negra                 king kong five
  264.    manolo escobar           porom pom pero
  265.    marie laforêt               ivan, boris et moi
  266.    marie-paule belle        la parisienne
  267.    mar-keys (the)            last night
  268.    martin solveig             jealousy
  269.    mc hammer                 u can't touch this
  270.    michael jackson          thriller
  271.    michael jackson          billie jean
  272.    michael zager band (the)        let's all chant
  273.    michel bernholc - les bronzés             just because of you
  274.    michel fugain              le printemps
  275.    mikis theodorakis       theme de zorba B.O.
  276.    miriam makeba           pata pata
  277.    miss elliott                  get ur freak on
  278.    mo-do                         eins, zwei, polizei
  279.    moon martin               bad news
  280.    mooving on 80's         gym tonic
  281.    mory kanté                 yéké yéké
  282.    motors (the)                airport
  283.    mungo jerry                in the summertime
  284.    négresses vertes (les)              sous le soleil de bodéga
  285.    négresses vertes (les)              zobi la mouche
  286.    nena99                        luftballons
  287.    niagara                                    j'ai vu
  288.    nino ferrer                   mirza
  289.    nino ferrer                   les cornichons
  290.    nirvana                        smells like teen spirit
  291.    nirvana                        lithium
  292.    offspring (the)                        come out and play (keep' em separated)
  293.    offspring (the)                        pretty fly (for a white guy)
  294.    omd                            enola gay
  295.    omd                            electricity
  296.    opus                            live is life
  297.    ottawan                      t'es ok, t'es bath, t'es in
  298.    ottawan                      haut les mains
  299.    outkast                                   hey ya
  300.    pam n' pat (ottawan)  meli melo
  301.    paolo ortelli, luke degree, pat-rich     carnaval de paris
  302.    partenaire particulier              partenaire particulier
  303.    patrick coutin             j'aime regarder les filles
  304.    patrick hernandez       born to be alive
  305.    paul jackson                get get down
  306.    pepe deluxé                before you leave
  307.    perez prado                 que rico el mambo
  308.    peter et sloane            besoin de rien envie de toi
  309.    pharrell williams         happy
  310.    philippe katerine         louxor
  311.    philippe lavil               avec les filles je ne sais pas
  312.    pinocchio                    pin-occhio
  313.    pitbull feat. John ryan                        fireball
  314.    plastic bertrand           ça plane pour moi
  315.    pleasure game             le dormeur doit se réveiller
  316.    pogues (the)                fiesta
  317.    pogues (the)                if i should fall from grace with god
  318.    police (the)                 message in a bottle
  319.    police (the)                 i can't stand losing you
  320.    police (the)                 roxanne
  321.    prince & the revolution          kiss
  322.    prince perry                girls and boy
  323.    propellerheads                        history repeating
  324.    psy                              gangnam
  325.    public image ltdt        his is not a love song
  326.    pulp fiction (bo) the big crowd          pumptin and honey
  327.    queen                          don't stop me now
  328.    rachid taha                  ya rayah
  329.    rage against the machine        killing in the name
  330.    rebel                            music
  331.    rednex                        cotton eye joe
  332.    reel2real                      i like to move it
  333.    relax                            frankie goes to hollywood
  334.    rem                             losing my religion
  335.    ricchi & poveri            sara perche ti amo
  336.    richard sanderson       reality (la Boum)
  337.    rick james                   super freak
  338.    rika zarai                     casatchock
  339.    rita mitsouko              marcia baila
  340.    rita mitsouko              c'est comme ça
  341.    rita mitsouko              andy
  342.    robin thicke & pharrell & T.I.            blurred lines
  343.    rod stewart                 da ya think i'm sexy
  344.    rolling stones (the)      symphony for the devil
  345.    roy orbison                 oh, pretty woman
  346.    run-dmc                      walk this way
  347.    rune rk                        calabria
  348.    sabrina                        boys
  349.    sam and dave             soul man
  350.    sam the sham & the pharaohs            wooly bully
  351.    serge gainsbourg         requiem pour un con' 91
  352.    shakira                        waka waka
  353.    shakira                        objection (tango)
  354.    sheila                          l'école est finie
  355.    sheila                          les rois mages
  356.    shocking blue             venus
  357.    sim et michel topaloff                        où est ma chemise grise ?
  358.    soft cell                       tainted love
  359.    specials (the)               a message to you rudy
  360.    splendid (le)               la salsa du démon
  361.    sporto kantes              lee
  362.    stéphanie                    ouragan
  363.    stevie wonder             master blaster
  364.    stevie wonder             part-time lover
  365.    strokes (the)                juicebox
  366.    stromae                       papaoutai
  367.    stromae                       alors on danse
  368.    supergrass                   alright
  369.    supertramp                  dreamer
  370.    supremes (the)            you can't hurry love
  371.    sylvester                     you make me feel
  372.    taxi girl                       chercher le garçon
  373.    technotronic               pump up the jam
  374.    telephone                    ça (c'est vraiment toi)
  375.    telephone                    un autre monde
  376.    telephone                    new york avec toi
  377.    thierry hazard             le jerk
  378.    timmy trumpet & savage        freaks
  379.    toots and the maytals             54-46 was my number
  380.    tracey ullman              breakaway
  381.    trashmen (the)            surfin' bird
  382.    tropical family            maldon
  383.    trust                            dressed for space
  384.    turtles (the)                 happy together
  385.    u2                               Sunday bloody Sunday
  386.    ub40                           food (for thought)
  387.    ub40                           red red wine
  388.    ultra-boys                   il est vraiment phénoménal
  389.    village people             ymca
  390.    visage                         fade to grey
  391.    weather girls (the)      it's raining men
  392.    wham                          wake me up before you gogo
  393.    white stripes (the)       seven nation army
  394.    wilson pickett             land of 1000 dances
  395.    wispers (the)               and the beat goes on
  396.    womack & womack   teardrops
  397.    yolanda be cool & dcup         we no speak americano
  398.    zebda                           tomber la chemise
  399.    zebda                           la cucaracha
  400.    zouk Machine             Maldon