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Run away

A small compilation of bad reviews found on Google


My coat came back all damaged from the dry cleaner. I found it was quite a high price to pay for such a bad result. I wanted to find a professional cleaner more devoted to his task, in my neighborhood. That's when I searched “dry cleaner paris 19” on internet. And as the map with the small dots showing the places appeared, I read the reviews.

It was funny. A man wrote how he gave a nice white shirt to the cleaner and how his shirt came out yellow when he came back to pick it up. Another one found the buttons of his coat covered in aluminum foil and all melted...

It was such a fun read. I went on with other professions and when I had enough, I sorted them out and kept the best of the worst reviews.

I warmly thank all the anonymous reviewers, intentionally or unintentionally funny.

Dear English-speaking readers, here are 4 translated reviews, the other ones can be found on the French version page of the website.



I asked for a short haircut on the sides, I almost ended up with a buzz cut. It was quite a surprise when I saw that the neck was a complete failure, I had some kind of hole just above my forehead. Nice but incompetent hairdresser. Now I have to wait for my hair to grow back (almost quoting the hairdresser's words).



Just like the previous comment said, I'm really disappointed by this dentist. She put a dental bridge and also I find myself with a perforation of  the nasal septum. In addition to that she broke the dental nerve-pulls into my roots, now I find myself with a chronic sinus infection because of the dental paste stuck in my nose. So, if you don't want to have any problems don't make the same choice and run away from that dentist.



8 euros for a lip waxing. No mirror. When it's over, you have to go to the bathroom to check the result. The toilet is dirty and there's almost no light so that you can't see that half of the hairs is still here.



Avoid this practitioner: he's incompetent, rude, brutal, too fast, and his explanations are vague.

I went to see him to get a smear test but when he examined me he took my IUD for an old used tampon I'd “left here for several weeks”. He then shamelessly criticized me for not having told him from the start that I had an IUD.
I will never consult this practitioner ever again.