Vous trouverez sur ce site la plupart des projets qui remplissent ma vie depuis que je « réalise », autrement dit, depuis que je donne une réalité à mes idées.


image de presentation des cahiers à motifs

Notepads and copybooks with geometric designs

For five months, in 2021, I created geometrical shapes from morning to evening.

I have always had a thing for wallpaper, repetitive patterns and the layout of colors, vivid ones, ideally. This work brought me the joy to mix everything, to see that I could create many possible (and infinite) mixes and the surprise to see the result in the end (at the precise moment when the software multiplies the base image).

Therefore I tested over 2000 coverings for ballpens. In order to find ways to decorate the inside of these transparent ballpens, I began my search for patterns. I didn't show the 50 designs I chose immediately, but first I was waiting for an answer from BIC. In the meantime I chose, among all the patterns I had created, the best ones for writing products. I used the bookbinder I had used to self-publish « A Strong Need to Visit Paris' toilets » , I bought a nice red and black back cover, white paper, and had my graphic creations professionally printed.

I asked my colleagues and friends their opinions about the covers and finally submitted 20 different copies to a lovely stationnery shop near where I live, called l'Atelier Papier.

From now on, one can buy all my original copybooks and notepads there (before there are no more left), and only there :

L'Atelier Papier
97 rue de Belleville, Paris 19

When I got the negative answer from BIC for the collaboration, I also decided to sell my own collection of  adorned ballpens.

The notepads are 6.90€, the copybooks cost 11.90€ and the adorned pens are 3.50€.

etiquette pour les cahiers à motifs
2 exemples de couverture de cahiers
2 exemples de couverture de cahiers 2
2 exemples de couverture de cahiers 3
2 exemples de couverture de cahiers 4
2 exemples de couverture de cahiers 5
etiquette carnets
2 exemplaires de carnets 1
2 exemplaires de carnets 2
2 exemplaires de carnets 3
2 exemplaires de carnets 4
2 exemplaires de carnets 5