Vous trouverez sur ce site la plupart des projets qui remplissent ma vie depuis que je « réalise », autrement dit, depuis que je donne une réalité à mes idées.

The Cécile Briands

annonce pour l'appel des Cécile Briand

Calling all the Cécile Briands

« Dear namesakes,
Would you like to do something fun with me ?
We could, at least, organise a whole day of celebration. There must be other projects to do together.
Let's meet and talk about it together.
Cécile Briand »

My very first project is that of the namesakes from Rennes. Later, I had 3 Nicolas Meunier to meet. Now that I know that there are many Cécile Briands, I would really like to play with ourselves.

I met 3 Cécile Briands : first Cécile from Rennes, then a friend of a friend (who then knows 2 Cécile Briands) and in December 2018, I met Cécile Briand the puppeteer and  saw her show « La Page Blanche » (« The Blank Page »). I don't know the Cécile Briand who almost make me lose my seat on the 10-year waiting list for social housing. (I was removed from the list because she was allocated a flat and I had to fight to prove that I was not that lucky Cécile Briand.)